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If you are not wearing a bra, it’s OK; but if you are weaning a wrong size bra, you might have many troubles. With a wrong size bra you can’t feel comfortable, your boost can’t perfectly supported and you never can have a great look; it doesn’t matter how much gorgeous your shapes are! Great support and comfort are two primary requirements for your boost.

Four out of five women wear wrong size bra, and interestingly enough, they don’t aware of it.

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Hence my sexy friends, you should crystal clear knowledge about your size.  Never rally on other to know the secret, rather clearly understand what does it really mean and follow my simple steps.

Band Size and Cup Size

When you are going to purchase a great fitting bra for you, consider the two measurements – (1) the band size and (2) the cup size.

Band size is the base value and an even number represent is, e.g., 32 or 34. There are many methods to measure the band size. However Under-Bust +4 and Under-Arm +0 are highly recommendable.

Under-bust +4 is based on adding four or five to the circumference in inches of your under-bust, which is located under your bust in the ribcage area. If the measurement is an even number, four is added and if the measurement is an odd number, five is added. For example, if your under-bust circumference is 28, your band size is 32 (28+4=32).

In approximate 90% of cases, the measurement of under-bust is less by four or five to the measurement of under-arm. Hence, you can alternatively measure the circumference of your under-arm. For example, if it is 36 inches, your band size will be 36. No addition is required. However, in approximate 10% cases, there may be a variation of one or one and half.

Under-bust +4 method is highly recommended.

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While in most of the brand band size is measured in inches, few brands follow the UK metrics of centimeter. While in inches the measurement is rounded off to the nearest even number, in centimeter, it is rounded off to a multiplication of five, such as 80 or 85.

Cup size is calculated by getting the difference between your band size and your mid chest circumference. Chest circumferences need be measured at the highest point of your breast. Depending measurement system of a particular brand, you can measure it either in inches or in centimeters.

If your full bust is 34 inches and your band size is 32, then, the difference between the two is 2 inches. The alphabetical equivalent of this in a generic cup size is B. Hence you should wear a 32B size bra for perfect support and comfortable feel.

How to Measure

Grab a soft and pliable tap measure. You can get it at a local fabric store or at a shop selling small household goods. A fabric tab is recommended, but if you can’t get a fabric tap, you may alternatively choose a soft synthetic plastic tap.

Stand in front of a big mirror so that you can look at your full torso. First measure your band size that is your under-bust circumference in inches plus four.  Note down the measurement and round off it to the nearest even number. For example, if your under-bust circumference is 27.5, round off it to 28 and add 4. Now you got your band size.

Measuring your cup size is little tricky. Depending upon the shape of your breast and the date in a month, you may not get the accurate size if you measure in a wrong posture or in a wrong day. Especially if you are bloating, you will feel extra tenderness of your bust. Leave this period. Take a day when you feel normal bust shape.

Don’t take measurement standing straight. Rather bent frontward from your waist in an ‘L’ shape so that your bust will be in its fullest size. Measure the circumference of your mid bust around your nipples. Never measure loosely or very tightly. Maintain a balance. Note down the number.

Calculate the difference. Let me tell you through an example. If your under-bust measurement is 28 inches or near about it, your band size is 32. If your full bust measurement is 35 inches, the difference is three. The arithmetic is as follow:


As I’ve told earlier, each difference corresponds to an alphabet, One for A, two for B, three for C etc. In your case, the difference is three and your under-bust circumference is 34. Hence, your band size is 34 and cup size is C. 32C bra is recommended for you.

Most of the lingerie brands use only four alphabets for cup sizes, those are – A, B C and D. One inch deference between full-bust measurement and band size  refers to A cup, two inches to B, three inches to C, four inches to D, five inches to DD, six inches to DDD and seven inches to DDDD. Some brands label E, F, G and H for DD, DDD, DDDD and DDDDD respectively. I’m sure, 99% of women’s cup sizes don’t go beyond DDDD or G.

Clear out Your Confusion

Many times you may be confused regarding measurement of your bra size. For example, if you get a measurement of accurate 27.5 inches of your under-bust, how round off it? Don’t be confused! You may round off it either to 27 or 28 and need to add five with 27 or four with 28. The result is same, that is, 32. Now correspond it with your full bust measurement. Let your full bust measurement is 34 inches. In such case, both 30C and 32B sized bra is recommended.

Break the Myth

If you think that I’m 36B, I was and will be, you are in the wrong side. Bust shapes and sizes change continuously. It’s highly recommended that you should take measurements of your bra size in an interval of each six months.

Second, if you think you and your friend are of same height and weight, so an equal size bra will fit to you both, you are again in the wrong side. Body weight and height never correspond to bra size. Each bust is unique.

Unit Conversion

While most of the U S brands use inches label, many European brands tag the label with centimeters. Asian brands follow either one. You may be confused, but should not be. You should just know how each scale of measurement correspond with the other. An inch is equal to 2.5 cm. And hence, if your perfect bra size of a U.S brand is 32B, it’ll be 80C (32X2.5=80) in case of a UK brand.

Take help of the following chat and cheer.

Bra Size Chat

29 – 3031 – 3233 – 34
BAND SIZE   32   34   36   38
A32.25 – 33   
34.25 – 3536.25 – 3738 – 39
B33 – 33.7535 – 35.7537 – 37.7539 – 39.75
C33.75 – 34.535.75 – 36.7537.75 – 38.7539.75 – 40.75
D34.5 – 35.2536.75 – 37.538.75 – 39.540.75 – 42
DD35.25 – 3637.5 – 38.2539.5 – 40.541.5 – 42.25
DDD36 – 36.7538.25 – 3940.25 – 4142.25 – 43
DDDD36.75 – 37.539 – 39.75
40 – 40.75
41 – 41.75

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