10 Exclusive Formula to Win a Girl’s Heart

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If you are failing in wining a girl’s heart, definitely you lack some basic requirements. Most of the guys who fail in establishing a love or romantic relationship with their dream girls, either have a bad approach or ignorant of girls’ nature or both.

Bad approaches are always bad, universally bad. It will not only lead you towards failure, it will also terribly affect your personal live. So be careful of any such wrong approach.

Better you should read the following tips. The tips are the summary of the knowledge I gained through a long career as a relationship consultant.

1. Break the Mystery

First and foremost requirement to be close of a female is to understand what a woman is really.

It has been thousand or more times said that women are always mysterious. In fact, that is not a fact. I firmly believe, better know that no woman is mysterious; rather all women under the sun are open books. You just need to have a great passion to read that book. You can definitely understand her and can be closer to her.

2. Culture Patience

Never take a too strong step at the early stage. It will end your journey. Prepare yourself for a moderate first step. Wait one or two weeks and observe her. Proceed slowly, but steadily. Remember it – patience is your great strength. Let the relationship develop at its own pace.

3. Be Familiar with Other Girls

Don’t take it otherwise; I’m not advising you to be flitter. You should need to develop good friendly relationship with other girls around her, most importantly her closed friends. Be helpful to all girls with special importance to your dream one. Being around other girls tells your dream one that you are safe as well as reliable and lovable among girls. If her friends like you, you’ll have a better chance of winning her over. Girls often turn to their friends for a second opinion. Your friendly relationship with other will resulted in high opinion of you.

4. Come with Confidence

Never be a nervous. Come with full confidence, but never be cooky. All girls like brave and confident men. Just start a simple conversation to let her know that you are interested in her. You may start with – ‘Hi, my name is …. May I know your name?’ Proceed further with moderate conversation

5. Be Pursuant

You love to achieve her in your life. You require to pursue her, but with care. Be sincere and be genuine. Never be a fake person with too much over persuasiveness. Trough some modest conversation, convey her that you are interested beyond her appearance.

6. Have Good Hygiene and Grooming

Good sense of hygiene works nice in all conditions. Odourless clean body and clean cloths always have good appeal. Girls love good smell and clean look. Take daily bath. Wear clean cloth. Keep yourself clean and odourless.

Use moderate deodorant, but avoid cologne. Most of girls dislike the strong smell of cologne.

Keep adequate attention towards grooming. Your clothing and facial cleanliness have sufficient roles in attracting a woman.

7. Be Gentle

Gentlemen get natural respect. And love? Definitely ‘Yes’. Behave gently to everyone else, and surely to your loved one. Egoistic and rude behaviour kill most of the love relationship.

8. Complement Her

All women love complementation. Every girl love to hear good thing about them. But complementing a girl is not a easy task. If you will praise her in a wrong way, you face the failure in your journey. You should know what to say and what to not.

9. Develop a Good Sense of Wit and Creativity

Girls love witty and creative men. However, not all people are witty and creative. However, you can develop the skill within you.

Listen Her

Be a good listener. Failures are those who speak a lot but listen a little. Develop patience and practice to listen attentively what your girl is speaking. Everyone loves attentive listeners. In love relationship, its role is gigantic.

After all be intentional, be attentive, be protective, be sincere and be romantic. Prove that you really love her. But never forget to be yourself first.

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